Huckleberry Boston Terriers is the partnership between Brenda Iverson and Kathryn Smith conceived while at the 2021 Boston Terrier Club of America National Specialty show in Tucson, AZ.  Brenda and Kathryn, both devoted to the breed and to the breed standard, have set high goals for their breeding program. With the help and mentorship of fellow breeder, Jani Martin of EQ Bostons, Huckleberry Boston Terriers will be producing thoroughly health tested, excellent examples of the Boston Terrier breed for show, performance, and pet ownership. 

Kathryn purchased her first Boston Terrier, and first show dog, in October 2008, Bean.  Bean's breeder, and the owner of Bean's sire, were instrumental in the development of Kathryn's handling skills and her initial pack of Boston Terriers, Perennial Pooches. Unfortunately those initial dogs, while lovely examples of the breed, didn't produce the next generation of show dogs with one exception. Those dogs aged out without producing any other puppies, so they are living their retirement teaching the future of Huckleberry Bostons how to live in BIG pack!